Releasing Patterns with Reiki

Whenever you find yourself repeating a situation it is a great opportunity to use Reiki. Everyone has patterns from either our past life times or ancestors inheritage. We unconsiously generate and attract people and circustances to recreate an opportunity to heal,  to make it better, to make it “right”.

Reiki is a technique absolutely capable of healing your ancestors inheritance or your previous life time memories.

If you can use Reiki Power symbols, write this intention in a piece of paper and place it in your Reiki Box.

If you want to perform some auto-reiki sessions, then go in a meditation and ask wich simbol would better work in releasing this pattern.

Be optimistic about releasing patterns with Reiki. Some patterns heal very quickly, others will take longer. However, all of them eventually heal.

Thank you for reading!


Resultado de imagen para broken marriage






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