Health of the Reiki Practitioner

I am an Electrical Engineer. When I became a Reiki Master I was really esqueptical.  I was very curious about proving if a Reiki practitioner or the environement where the sesion takes place would take in negativity from a patient. I invited another Reiki Master friend to set up an experiment. We invited 8 very seriously ill patients to receive Reiki for free. I put 3 Bougainvillea plants (no flowers on them by 8:00 am) on the window next to the garney where we were working, to see how this energy movement would affect the plants. We had 4 patients in the morning. We took a break for lunch, came back and continue to work. We had 4 more patients in the afternoon. We finished at 6:00 oclock. When I looked at the window I could not believe what I saw. The 3 plants were covered in flowers, they bloomed during the process. They looked absolutely beautifull. We were exhausted fisically speaking, but we were joyeous and plain of exitement. The joyfull sensetaion lasted for 3 days. Since that moment I have no doubts about Reiki. Reiki is “One Way Only” and absolutely safe for the practitioner and the evironement.  Infinite Blessings and light for you! And thank you for reading! Starr 030418-0058 Bougainvillea spectabilis.jpg







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