Reiki to Heal Painful Memories

I used to have bad memories coming back over and over. Every time they came back to me, my energy level would go down inmediately. It is very chalenging to cope with everyday life needs if you are focusing in the past. It could lead to a desease and I did not want to get sick. Also you would manifest and atract more of this energy because your attention is traped there.

One day I decided to work that specific moment in the past where it all happened. I recreated the exact moment and commanded all Reiki Power Simbols that I had to work for the higest good of everyone involved. Reiki is an intelligent energy. After a few days, those memories never came back and I was able to meet with the people involved in that situation and I had no hard feelings at all. It was like it never even happened. Reiki not only healed my memory, but my emotions, relationships and soul. For that I am greatful everyday. When you heal yourself, you are healing the world and you are making the world a better place because we are all connected, we are all “One”. There is no better service than healing yourself. And remember that the magic happens only when you completely trust. I hope this helps! #reiki #healing #painfulmemories


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